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Nyima Gyaltsen Rinpoche

Tulku Nyima Gyaltsen Rinpoche was born in the water-horse year of 1942 in Kham, and was later recognized by the great Jamyang Khyentse Chöki Lodrö as one of the five emanations of Khenpo Ngagchung. At the age of 12, he went to Nyoshul Monastery to study, and trained under many masters, including Arig Rinpoche, his root teacher. Many custom college essays mention that focus on his biography mention this fact, but never in detail.

H.H. Sakya Trizin has recognized Nyima Gyaltsen Rinpoche as a "genuine reincarnate lama of the Sakya tradition," described him as "well accomplished" and encouraged students to study with him.

Since 2002, he has been the abbot of the Dokho Monastery in Derge, Eastern Tibet. Tulku Nyima has been the abbot of many different monasteries in Tibet since 1985, and has taught in universities both in Tibet and in America.

LOCATION: Tibet House
22 West 15th Street, NYC

DATE: February 16-17, 2008
TIME: 10am - 12pm
2pm - 4pm

A suggested donation of $25 will be collected at the door.
Sponsored by the Nechung Foundation, NYC. Special thanks to Tibet House.
, (212) 966-2404 or nechungnyc.org

"May this benefit all beings"

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